Halo Neuro Sport 2
Halo Neuroscience
R 6,900.00
Halo Neuro Sport is a brain stimulator that helps you develop muscle memory faster. A pair of smart headphones that deliver an electrical current to the motor centre of your brain to help you learn new skills. The headset uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to send weak direct currents (below 2-3 mA) for a few minutes over the scalp Using this headset 20 minutes before workouts or practices can help athletes achieve gains in strength, skill, and endurance substantially faster than they would on their own. The device excites the tissue in your brain artificially, basically improving your capability to learn and embed new movements. Integrated Bluetooth audio for an entirely wireless experience Improved sound quality in line with high-end headphones Updated Primers to make Neuropriming as easy as possible Brand new Halo Sport app that includes tracking, reminders, and brain training tips In The Box Halo Sport headset Primer Band USB-C charging cable Details Product Weight: 415 g Product Fit: Fits most head sizes, adjustable band Medical Grade Engineering: Quality system based on the ISO 13485 standard & safety and human factors engineering based on ISO 14971 standard Patents: 9,630,005 | 9,757,561 | 9,486,618 | 9,713,712 | 9,782,585 | 9,802,042 | D797,074 | D797,297
Halo Neuro Sport 2
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