International Match Ball
R 288.00

Those who say its just a game, have never limped into work, covered in cuts and bruises.
Those who say its just a game, have never given their all on the pitch for nothing but the taste of victory and camaraderie
Those who say its just a game, have never played Rugby!

And those who say its just a ball, have never played with the Wononwon International match ball

Hand crafted by the finest rugby engineers, incorporating Super Flight In-seam Valve technology, Aeroseana Grip with an optimal ball weight of 460 grams, provides a ball so sweet, so pure that even after the biggest battles, you’ll still look back thinking, That is a great ball!



Ball Specifications:
  • Neotech Rubber Surface for Consistent performance
  • Aeroseana Grip for accurate flight rubber surface
  • Laminated with 3 layers of core spun cotton polyester giving the optimal balance and double strength make up
  • Engineered aerodynamics with maximum sweet spots
  • High tech super flight inseam counter balanced latex bladder
  • 100% Hand stitched 
  • Weight 450 grams +- 10 grams
International Match Ball
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