Classic Trainer
R 75.00

      When you’ve battled for every point
      When you’ve made every bone-crunching tackle
      and every grinding scrum count

      When you’ve believed in every single man around you and dug deep into the reserves of your soul. You can look each other in the eye and know…These are my brothers and this is my team. We train smart, we eat right, we gym hard because together, We will be champions

      The Classic Trainer ball, born in battle, the battle off the pitch, the hours no one see, or feels or hears, its just the team that endures to elevate to new heights, together, to become HEROES


Ball Specifications :
  • Finest blend of natural and synthetic rubber surface 3D pimple grip design for superior handling/grip in any conditions
  • Laminated with 3 layers - 1 x cotton and 2 x polyester viscose
  • Hi tech Latex Bladder for improve performance
  • 100% hand stitched
  • Weight 440 grams +/- 20 grams
Classic Trainer
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