Grid Ball
R 380.00
The TriggerPoint GRID Ball® brings together the signature GRID® pattern with a 5-inch massage ball, for targeted relief in a compact size. The GRID Ball® is ideal for anyone seeking mild, targeted massage to relieve muscle pain and tightness in hard-to-reach areas like hips and shoulders. Features ? GRID® foam ball combines the benefits of a massage ball and foam roller into compact and targeted muscle pain relief ? 5-inch (12.7cm) diameter targets tightness in hard to reach places such as shoulders, traps, and hips to relieve muscle pain and improve mobility ? GRID® pattern promotes increased blood and oxygen flow to muscles for quick muscle recovery ? Lightweight, portable, and durable EVA Foam massage ball is an ideal travel companion on the road ? Softer, less intense compression than the MB5® Massage Ball ? 147kg weight limit ? Backed by 1-year manufacturer's warranty
SpecificationsJeffery Deaver
Grid Ball
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