Club Match Ball
R 98.00

    Victory is sweet, but short lived, we’ve been on the other side, we hug our opponents, those who we have battered for 80 minutes, punished us for 80 minutes, tested everything we has inside us. We celebrate them, not for our victory, for without them, this glorious moment, this chance to test our worth, would not exist! Club Rugby, the heart of Rugby #honour #rugby

    The Club match ball, celebrating the honour between team mates, passion between the game and soul…The Club match ball boasts its Hand stitched, 3D pimple grip and hi tech inseam valve, giving you and your mates, the ball to build memories with. Quality, professional and made for the heart and soul of the club, your home.

    #honor #GreenPride #Springboks #brotherhood #clubrugby #soul # HEROES


Ball Specifications :
  • Max All weather Grip 
  • Laminated with 3 layers- 1 x cotton and 2 x polyester viscose
  • High tech super flight inseam counter balanced latex bladder
  • 100% hand stitched
  • Weight 440 grams +/- 20 grams
Club Match Ball
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