SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro (Trapezoids ladder)
R 1,289.00
Sports aren’t linear; neither should your speed training be. The Agility Trainer Pro’s trapezoid design helps increase footwork and agility in game-like movement patterns. Built to create curvilinear and broken training patterns, this unique trainer helps you practice the change of direction that changes the game. BALANCE, QUICKNESS AND POWER—ALL AROUND With a unique trapezoid design, the Agility Trainer Pro does things other agility trainers can’t: lets you train for quickness, power and speed with true, game-like movements. Sports don’t happen in a straight line, now neither does your training. OWN ALL THE ANGLES The Agility Trainer Pro lets you recreate the curvilinear and broken patterns that take place in sports, helping you dial in your cuts, turns and changes of direction. It lets you add the multi-directional quickness and precise footwork that can quickly change the game. THERE’S NO SLIP HERE Durable and built to work on any surface, including hardwood, turf and grass, the Agility Trainer Pro won’t slip, slide or otherwise interrupt your training sessions. It’s the must-have agility trainer for any athlete who’s serious about their footwork.
SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro (Trapezoids ladder)
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